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What Are the Best Careers During COVID-19?

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic disrupted virtually every aspect of our daily lives. From our ability to gather socially to our opportunities for work, everything radically changed practically overnight. Various protective measures such as mask-wearing, social distancing, and frequent hand washing, and the use of sanitizing products have not 100% addressed the problem of this highly-contagious virus spreading.

While the economy continues to suffer from the dramatic reduction in customer foot traffic, some businesses have adapted successfully. Workers in some career fields have discovered that they’re flourishing, even while others are struggling. Here are a few of the best jobs for 2020 and beyond, job hunting in which workers are doing well as the world continues to search for a cure to COVID-19.

To gather our list, we reviewed rankings from Glassdoor, Indeed, and Forbes. Many of these positions are IT-related, so we’ve tried to share options from many different sectors to offer a balance.

Best Jobs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

To make our list kamagra gel of best jobs easier to sort through, we’ve clumped similar career fields together instead of stacking them in order based on salary ranges.

Information Technology
Without a doubt, IT jobs are hot. They were before COVID-19, but the pandemic has led to increased demand as businesses rush to develop e-commerce solutions to fill in the gaps.

Front End Engineer

Front End Engineers work on the user-facing part of websites. They help design layouts and select interface elements. Not to be confused with Back End Developers, a Front End Engineer focuses on what can be seen versus the “behind-the-scenes.” Skills needed? Programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Median salary? $105,240!

DevOps Engineer
Building complex websites gets tricky when there are too many players. That’s where Developmental Operations Engineers come in. DevOps serves as a go-between for developmental and operations teams, ensuring projects run smoother as everyone collaborates more effectively. There’s certainly an emphasis on hard tech skills, but a great DevOps guru must also be adept at handling people. The median salary is $107,310.

Data Science

Many jobs fall under the umbrella of data science, including Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Data Architects, and Business Intelligence Specialists. Data Scientists work for companies to help them kamagra jelly realize their goals through the full utilization of data. To accomplish this, they must design models and create algorithms that suit the specific project’s needs. Complicated? Yes, but businesses pay top dollar to gain the edge that these workers can provide, making this one of the best jobs for the future. The median salary is $107,801.

Medical Roles

As you might guess, the demand for qualified medical professionals only goes up during a global crisis. COVID-19 has ensured that healthcare roles will be some of the best jobs for 2020 and the coming years.

Nursing Manager

The name says it all! A nurse manager is in charge of other nurses within a clinical setting. They’re not only nurses, but they must be business-oriented and can expect to be tagged to perform several duties related to the management of personnel and budgetary issues. Many Nursing Managers hold a Master’s in either Nursing or Healthcare/Business Administration. The median salary is $85,389. In addition to these critical roles, there are also positions for Nurse Leaders who have differing responsibilities from their manager peers.

Clinic Manager

Clinic Managers direct and oversee routine work done in various healthcare settings, including clinics, offices, and outpatient locations. They often have kamagra polo hands-on experience as a nurse or office admin. Part of this job may entail onboarding new staff and work directly with patients and providers. Like Nursing Managers, they deal with both people and finances. The median pay is $70,000 for this multifaceted profession.

Physical Therapist

Physical Therapy is a critical field that helps people who’ve been injured or suffer from a range of painful chronic conditions. Workers in this sector are crucial to keeping the workforce mobile and ensuring people can move around to the greatest extent possible without assistance. At a time when COVID-19 is tearing up our daily lives, PT’s are doing their part to make sure patients can function without pain and work to the best of their abilities. Certainly one of the best jobs for 2020, Physical Therapy is a rewarding field with good pay (median is $71,483).

Business Accounting Manager

One of the great things about accounting jobs is that they can often be done at a distance. If you’re looking for a stable remote job, this could be the field for you! For those with the experience, the role of Accounting Manager ranks among the top best jobs these days. As a manager, they supervise other accountants’ work and help their employers comply with various laws. If you’re good with financial tracking and budgets, an accounting career can be a good bet, with median salaries for managers at $85,794.

HR Manager

Behind the scenes of every great company is a great Human Resources department. The unsung heroes of any successful business, HR is responsible for ensuring the best candidates are hired. Once they’ve onboarded employees, HR takes care of them, helping with benefits, problems, and a wide range of administrative matters. These teams are led by an HR manager who is skilled in handling personnel issues. During times of crisis such as COVID-19, they’re needed more than ever. Median pay is $83,190 for this vital field.

Business Development Manager
COVID-19 has turned many business models upside down. Establishments that had operated for generations have suddenly discovered they must venture into e-commerce to stay afloat. A savvy Business Development Manages can help explore opportunities and alternative ways to reach new customers while keeping the relationship with current ones. As businesses super kamagra both large and small scramble to compete in this unexpected new era, Business Development Management emerges as one of the best jobs to have…and one of the most challenging. Median pay is $78,480.

Many students and workers are struggling to find the best options for new careers to enter. Although a cure for COVID-19 may eventually be discovered, its ramifications changed the way businesses operate. As things “return to normal,” for some, there’s no going back to the way things were. That’s why it is critical to plan ahead as you look into potential new careers and predict what the best jobs will be in the coming decades.